Northwest maple hardwood being sealed to reduce and eliminate cracking from too rapid moisture loss through the end grain

Our hardwood limbs and wood come from the Pacific Northwest, the Southwest and Hawaii. We obtain them from friends, relatives, arborists and word of mouth. The size of limb best suited for use as a coaster would have no appeal to a furniture maker because of its small diameter. It would also be too small for a lathe so it would likely end up in the fireplace. Other items are produced from hardwood burls and pieces of wood that other wood artisans can’t use for their products. Hence part of our name includes “Repurposed Hardwoods”

Green wood limbs are end-sealed, identified and stored for future projects. Dry Limbs and burls are then sliced, stabilized, surfaced, laser engraved, prepped. The designs can be painted with a variety of mediums. After this step is done, the top and sides are encapsulated in a water and alcohol resistant glossy polymer finish. A rubberized back surface conceals an optional rare-earth magnet.